TEEF for Life - Dental Kit: Powder water additive for ALL pets + Kidney care

PROACTIVE DENTAL HEALTH: Protektin42+K™ for all pets is an award-winning water additive for easy, at-home daily dental hygiene. Our prebiotic formula attacks the cause of dental issues, while boosting good bacteria for healthy gums, clean teeth, & fresh breath.

TEEFpromotes whole-mouth health and fresh breath through molecular nutrition. Our safe, science-backed formulations go beyond typical ingredients because when pets keep their teeth, they keep more years in their life & more life in their years.



VEGAN, HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Made in the USA from 100% pure, vegan, plant-derived ingredients that naturally improve the oral microbiome to promote whole mouth health.

All formulas are 100% safe across all species

Tasteless, odorless, with no artificial flavors, colors, fillers, or preservatives

Non-GMO soluble fiber - Blocks bacterial sugar-to-acid & sugar-to-plaque production; Blocks sugar consumption by harmful microbes.

L-arginine (amino acid) - Activates protein deimination breakdown by bacteria, resulting in neutralization of glycolytic acids.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) - Essential ingredient for bacterial enzymes that breakdown protein.



Simply add 1 scoop of Protektin42+K™ to your pet’s water everyday.

Here’s how it works:
1. Remove reusable glass jar from box
2. Remove desiccant from baggie & place in the jar to maintain freshness
3. Shake the powder packet down so that the powder is away from the tear notches
4. Add up to 6 powder packets to the jar and store it in a place where you’re reminded to use it daily