We're proud to be sourcing high quality, USDA human-grade ingredients. Our products are USDA Certified and inspected on a daily basis which helps guarantee quality and safety.

Our products are never denatured because all of our raw materials come from our USDAinspected suppliers & farms. We also don’t use any unnatural processing on our meats such as HPP. We never add anything to our meats, such as chemicals, preservatives, or anything else unnatural to your pet’s food.

Less Odor & Less Stool VolumeWe know it may be hard to believe but your dog is a carnivore. Raw feeding should include a meat to bone, organ, secreting organ, ratio, to be considered a complete balanced meal. Carbohydrates like grain, corn, wheat, rice and soy, found in a lot of kibble dog foods, are not a nutritional requirement and pose harmful health issues. When on a raw diet your pet can absorb 95% of the nutrients, resulting in smaller stools and less odor.

Healthy Coat & SkinIf your dog has persistent skin conditions like itching and biting their coats, raw diets can significantly reduce those irritations. Our raw diets supply vital nutrients and essential fatty acids without fillers or preservatives known to cause allergic reactions.

Healthier Gums, Teeth and BreathDogs that are fed solely grain based diets are at risk of periodontal disease which may disappear when you feed them a raw diet. Ground or whole bones provide your dog calcium for strong bones and teeth. The calcium in bones our blends are made with, reduce the buildup of tartar and helps freshen your pet’s breath. Raw uncooked bones serve as Nature's natural toothbrush!

Leaner body massDogs that are overweight will lose unwanted fat and gain muscle mass, when switched to a raw diet. You will notice improvement in their joints and overall health in just 2 weeks.

Degenerative Disease ImprovementDog owners who switch their older pets to a raw diet usually find that degenerative diseases improve. When arthritic dogs began to receive the vital nutrition they need, including omega 3 fatty acids, energy and activity levels increase.

Improved DigestionImproved digestion means better nutrient absorption. Raw food has living enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and amino acids that can positively change your dog’s current digestive routine. Many chronic digestive problems and sensitive stomach issues may disappear after you begin to feed your dog a raw diet.

High in Natural ProteinNatural protein helps your pet build strong muscles and reduces the risk of injury.

High abundance of Natural NutrientsVital nutrients are not destroyed and remain in a natural state for best nutrition

High in Omega 3 & 6 Omega 3 & 6, known as Fatty acids, aids in your pet’s coat and skin health.

Low Carbohydrates & StarchesStarches and Carbohydrates are very hard on your pet’s digestion and high amounts are not essential to your carnivore's diet.

There are a few ways to switch your dog to a raw diet including: “cold turkey”, and transition. Never hesitate to contact us for one on one help transitioning.

Cold Turkey:means you stop feeding kibble, on day 1 and on day two, you feed raw. You can introduce a fast day in between if you like to help clear the dogs system of kibble, starving will not harm your dog, in nature dogs are used to going a day or two without food after an unsuccessful hunt.

Transition:Start with 80 percent dogs current food, 10 percent raw. Reduce the amount of kibble/ current food each day until the bowl is completely raw. This can take anywhere from 2-15 days. Rejection, stool inconsistencies, and vomiting may occur during this process and is normal. If symptoms persist more than 6 days- seek a holistic vet.

We suggest starting by substituting 25% of their current meal with raw and increasing it by 25% every other day until you’re feeding 100% raw on the seventh day.

Some pets may take shorter or longer to transition so be sure to closely monitor your pet’s reactions and adjust accordingly. Your pet typically needs to be fed 2-3% of their body weight daily if they’re over 20 LBs, or a little more if they’re on the smaller side.

Don't hesitate to contact us. That's what we are here for. Elizabeth can be reached via text or phone at 415.235.3044 or via e-mail @ elizabeth@marinraw.com.

We don't recommend cooking or microwaving. Our foods contain bone content. While raw bone is perfectly safe for your pet to consume, cooked bone is more likely to splinter. Furthermore, cooking only degrades the available nutrients that are in our raw recipes. If you still prefer to warm the food, we'd recommend mixing warm water in instead of cooking directly.

Many People are unaware of how beneficial this smelly raw item is to your dog’s diet. The truth is, green tripe is a superfood, providing many benefits including cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. Tripe is the stomach lining of grazing cows.

Unprocessed Green Tripe is packed with good bacteria and amino acids that can help your dog’s digestive system, which ultimately will improve your dog's immune system. Tripe will also improve metabolism, and hormonal functions.

Local delivery is currently available in Central and South Marin.

Deliveries are made every Wednesday from 10am-6pm.

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