Rising Courage Teapills

Spleen Qi (energy) and Heart Qi Deficiencies with      Phlegm Misting the Mind

These pets are progressively less responsive to their caretakers, pace and wander aimlessly, may get lost in corners and closets or under furniture, forget house training, sleep more, and lose interest in food. The tongue will be pale and wet. They have little anxiety and insomnia; instead they sleep more.

Standard Dosage for Pets

1 per 10lbs twice daily crushed. Start at half dose and work up to full dose over the course of a week. 

Contents: 200 teapill

Standard Dosage for Humans

8 caps, 3 times per day


Bambusa tuldoides shavings, Citrus aurantium fruit-immature, P trnta rhizome, Citrus reticulata peel, Poria cocos fungus, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root, Zingiber officinale rhizome-fresh, Ziziphus jujuba fruit, Activated carbon, Botanical wax, Talcum. - Zhu ru, Zhi shi, Banxia, Chen pi, Fu ling, Gan cao, Sheng jiang, Da zao.


Regulates Qi, Clears and Transforms Phlegm Heat, Harmonizes the Gallbladder and Stomach, Calms the Shen


Caution during pregnancy.


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