Propythium Ear Cleaner


Propythium contains an incredible microscopic, non-pathogenic (doesn’t harm plants or animals) algae-like organism that normally lives in the soil. There are over 50 species of it so far discovered but among the most useful are those discovered around the roots of many plants around the world, in particular Pythium oligandrum.

It works via mycoparasitism. In essence, it consumes other fungi for survival. It attacks those organisms, extracting nutrients such as nitrogen, carbon, and nutrients for reproduction, and killing the organism in the process. It then creates zoospores that actively seek out more of that fungi and it’s spores.

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P. oligandum is also antibacterial. It secretes enzymes that curb bacterial growth in the area so it is not disturbed while it’s doing its thing. Better still, studies show that despite a reduction in any pathogenic bacteria present, it does not induce significant shifts in the hose bacterial flora in the process (Vallance et al. 2009 & 2012). Best of all, once resources (any yeast / fungi present) are depleted, P. oligandrum encapsulates and soon leaves its host to its natural environment, at which point all normal microflora returns activity can return to the area.

Ingredients: Olea europea fruit oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Zea mays substrate, Pythium oligandrum, tocopherols.

Uses: Propythium ear cleaner combines the anti fungal and antibacterial properties of Pythium with pharmaceutical-grade olive oil. It will help relieve your dog, cat or horse of the symptoms of fungal or bacterial ear infections.

Application: Propythium ear cleaner is applied directly into the ear canal for as long as symptoms persist (typically no more than five days). Thereafter the moisturising ear cleaner can be used when needed.


1. Shake the contents of the bottle well (the sediment is not detrimental) 2. Pump a few drops of the product into the ear.
3. Gently massage around the ear to ensure the product is well absorbed. 4. Gently wipe the ear clean with gauze.