Adored Beast Easy Peesy II | Nutraceutical Powder

14% of dogs will be diagnosed with a UTI and 40% of cats will get bladder stones or crystals

Easy Peesy II Contains ingredients that help support healthy urinary tract and bladder function. Specific probiotic strains help to combat UTIs. Herbs and nutraceuticals work to decrease pain/discomfort and inflammation in the bladder wall and smooth muscle. Supports the transportation of bad bacteria out of the bladder through the urine, while slightly shifting the urine pH, thereby making conditions for bacteria growth less favorable.


Administer orally once per day according to the below dosage chart. Can be given with meals.

1/4 tsp = 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs)

1 – 14 LBS
1/8 TSP
15 – 39 LBS
1/4 TSP
40 – 79 LBS
1/2 TSP
80+ LBS
3/4 TSP
1/8 TSP