About us updated

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, a new business has taken root, promising to revolutionize how we nourish our beloved pets. Marin Raw, founded by the resilient and passionate Elizabeth, is more than just a pet food store—it's a testament to determination, care, and the pursuit of healthier, happier pets.

Elizabeth's journey to Marin Raw is as inspiring as it is purposeful. Like many during the tumultuous start of the pandemic, Elizabeth found herself at a crossroads after losing her job. Armed with a deep-seated passion for pets and bolstered by unemployment benefits and stimulus checks, she embarked on a mission close to her heart: creating wholesome, raw pet food.

Her inspiration came from personal adversity when her own dog was diagnosed with cancer. Through diligent research, Elizabeth uncovered a startling truth—that conventional pet foods may have contributed to her dog's illness. Determined to make a difference, she transitioned her dog to a diet of raw, farm-fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers' markets, cultivating relationships that would later become the backbone of Marin Raw.

Elizabeth's commitment to quality and nutritional integrity led her to pursue a pet food processing license and earn a certification in canine nutrition. Her journey began humbly, renting a commercial kitchen from a church that had temporarily closed due to the pandemic. From these modest beginnings, Marin Raw was born.

Initially selling her products at farmers' markets, Elizabeth's dedication and the exceptional quality of her offerings quickly gained attention. In 2021, she opened her first retail store in San Anselmo, marking a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey. Serendipity struck when an investor, John Lewis, recognized the potential of Marin Raw and made a substantial investment, enabling Elizabeth to expand her vision to Oakland's bustling Rockridge district.

Located on College Ave, Marin Raw's new storefront is strategically positioned across from Zachary's, a neighborhood favorite. This move represents not only a strategic business expansion but also a homecoming of sorts for Elizabeth, who has been a fixture at the Grand Lake farmers' market for four years, building a loyal customer base eager to make her offerings a permanent fixture in their pets' diets.

Marin Raw stands out not only for its premium products but also for its unwavering commitment to pet health. Elizabeth's motto—"everything in the store must add to the health of the pet"—guides every aspect of the business. She meticulously vets all products on her shelves, ensuring they meet her stringent standards for quality and nutrition. Marin Raw also offers free nutrition consultations, empowering pet owners to make informed decisions about their pets' diets.

Recognizing the challenges of affordability, Elizabeth recently innovated by outsourcing the production of her grinds to a third party. This strategic move allows Marin Raw to offer a wider variety of products at competitive prices, catering to diverse income levels without compromising on quality.

Elizabeth and her team invite the community to discover a new standard in pet nutrition. Whether you're a longtime customer from the farmers' markets or a curious newcomer, Marin Raw promises not only premium pet food but also a warm, knowledgeable staff eager to support you in providing the best for your furry companions.

In a world where the health and well-being of our pets are paramount, Marin Raw is a beacon of hope and innovation—a testament to one woman's resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to making a difference, one bowl at a time.