Woodies Chew

All natural, coffee wood, safe, healthy, fun   

US COMPANYWoodies is a US company. We designed the product in California, harvest the wood from select, family-owned coffee farms in Vietnam, and our team produces the chews, using unique US technology to test the safety and readiness of the chews.  

ALL NATURAL: Woodies Dog Chew sticks are 100% natural, organic, have no additives, no preservatives, and no caffeine. Our sticks are handmade - the wood is de-barked, smoothed, ends rounded, and cleaned.   

ECO-FRIENDLY: We sustainably harvest coffee wood from plants that no longer produce coffee. We use minimal packaging and no plastic. A donation from each sale will be made to the ASPCA. No production or waste issues associated with plastic toys.   

SAFE and LONG-LASTING: Coffee wood is a dense wood that is the most suitable wood for a dog to chew, with the lowest likelihood of splintering.  Sized correctly, it gradually breaks down from chewing and sheds tiny, soft fibers. Some nutritionists consider these fibers like dental floss, that also help digestion.   If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you will have to see if this is a good fit.

HEALTHY: Coffee wood is good for your dog’s dental health. It strengthens jaw muscles, cleans teeth and gums, and freshens breath. Alternate products like plastic and even hard bones or antler chews can wear down a dog’s teeth enamel.   

FUN: What better reward for your favorite buddy than a Woodies Dog Chew! And instead of your furniture legs being your dog’s way of passing the time, your Woodies Dog Chew now comes to the rescue! Reduces stress, boredom, anxiety.   

SAFETY NOTE: Have fun with your dog during "chew time", and please supervise them while they enjoy their coffee wood chew toy. Coffee wood is proven to be safe. It rarely splinters, and instead frays slowly over time. The small fibers are safe. If your dog is a very aggressive chewer, please replace the wood if it breaks.  We recommend limiting chew time to up to an hour per day, as some dogs may become more aggressive at chewing the longer they have the chew.  Remember, please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat.   

SIZES: Available in S, M, L, XL, for every size dog and chewer. Each chew is natural and unique, and will vary slightly by size and weight.