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Safe-Sea - Green Lipped Mussel Oil For Dogs

Safe-Sea is a 100% sustainable alternative to fish oil. This healthy combination of green lipped mussel and ahiflower oil is the smart way to add omega-fat benefits.


Safe-Sea is a premium blend of 3 pure, sustainable ingredients. No fillers, no heat processing.


It's hard to find marine oils that are healthy for your dog and healthy for the planet.

Wild-caught fish and squid aren't sustainable ... 25 tonnes of wild fish are harvested for oil and fertilizer each year. And harvesting krill oil robs declining populations of whales and sea animals of their food source. 

And while farmed fish might be more sustainable, these fish are fed soy and corn, which adds unhealthy omega-6 fats like linoleic acid. 

But Green Lipped Mussel is sustainably farmed in the pristine, nutrient-rich waters of New Zealand. Our mussels grow on ropes and absorb the phytoplankton from the water. Since phyoplankton grows from sunshine, our mussels don't compete for food with other marine animals ... and controlling phytoplankton controls algae blooms.

Product Info

Safe-Sea is a premium product that kicks fish oil to the curb. It offers a wide range of important fatty acids, not just one or two, and all from natural, sustainable sources.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil

While fish, krill and squid oil supply mainly EPA and DHA omega fats, Green Lipped Mussel is a rich source of ETA, an omega-3 fat that's well researched for its ability to support a normal inflammatory response, plus other key fatty acids.


Safe-Sea is one of the most complete source of immune-supporting marine and plant oils. Some key plant oils contain GLA, an important immune-supporting fatty acid that's not found in marine oils. Safe-Sea contains a good helping of Ahiflower, one of the best sources of GLA and SDA (an important precursor to other critical fatty acids). Our Ahiflower is non-GMO and grown in the UK and Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Give orally once daily or as recommended by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-25 lbs  1/2 tsp daily

 45 day supply

26-50 lbs 

3/4 tsp daily

30 day supply

51-75 lbs 

1 tsp daily

22 day supply

76-100 lbs

1 1/2 tsp daily

15 day supply

101 + lbs

2 tsp daily

11 day supply

Net Contents: 3.8 fl oz (113ml)


The Astaxanthin in Safe-Sea is 100% sustainable and natural, never synthetic. Its unique molecular structure makes Astaxanthin the "King Of Antioxidants." This keeps the delicate oils in Safe-Sea safe and fights free radical damage.

To get the same complete supply of immune-supporting fats, you would need to give your dog both a marine oil and a plant oil such as hemp, camelina or flax. Safe-Sea combines both oils to give you an affordable and premium source of key fatty acids.

What makes Safe-Sea red?


Safe-Sea's bold, red color comes from a powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin. When fragile omega oils are exposed to oxygen and light (every time you open the bottle), free radicals can build up and potentially damage your dog’s cells. The antioxidants in astaxanthin can help reduce free radical damage. Interesting fact - astaxanthin is also what gives flamingos and shellfish their pink color.

What makes Safe-Sea better than fish oil and other marine oils?

Green lipped mussels contain phospholipids, which makes its omega fats much more bioavailable - so you can give much less than fish oil. Green lipped mussel oil is also the only significant source of an important fatty acid called ETA. Safe-Sea also contains ahiflower, which is a fatty acid only found in some plants that supports a healthy immune response.

I have an older dog with joint problems, will Safe-Sea help? 

The omega-3 fatty acids in Safe-Sea can help support healthy joints. For extra support, we recommend combining Safe-Sea with Green Eggs.

Why is there Ahiflower in Safe-Sea?

Ahiflower is rich in a key fatty acid called GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). GLA can only be found in some plant oils, not marine oils, and it helps support normal joint function and a healthy immune response. The Ahiflower in Safe-Sea is non-GMO and sourced from the UK and Canada and is tested to be low in heavy metals, PCBs, and pesticides.

Is Safe-Sea Eco-Friendly?

Yes! All three active ingredients in Safe-Sea are 100% sustainable.

Green lipped mussels grow on ropes in the clean waters of New Zealand. They absorb healthy amounts of phytoplankton, the only food source they need. Green lipped mussels do not share resources with other marine life. Their food source is sustainable as phytoplankton only need sunlight to survive! 

Ahiflower is a natural plant. It is rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which supports skin and joint health.  

Astaxanthin is the “King of Antioxidants”. It is blood red in color and produced from microalgae.

Is there a lot of EPA in Safe-Sea?

While fish oil contains a lot of EPA, green lipped mussel oil contains a smaller amount. However, the phospholipids in green lipped mussels make the EPA much more bioavailable, so it’s not accurate to compare the amounts of EPA in each oil. GLM oil is also the only significant source of EPA’s precursor fat, ETA. This allows your dog’s body to easily convert only as much EPA as he needs, which we feel is safer and more natural.

Can I just use powdered or fresh mussels instead?

Although we use GLM powder in Hip & Joint, Safe-Sea is a source of omega fats. GLM oil is a far more concentrated source of fats - your dog would need 15X more powder to get the same amount of beneficial omega fats.

Also, many green lipped mussel powders have healthy fats removed. The leftover powder is sold as pet supplements but is missing the important fatty acids. And, by the way, the GLM powder we use in Hip & Joint is tested to contain a high, natural fat content. We would never use discarded GLM “meal.” 

Why is there Olive Oil in Safe-Sea?

Olive oil is a natural antioxidant.

Why isn’t there an eye-dropper with Safe-Sea, like the one that comes with CBD oil?

The short answer is oxygen.Omega fatty acids are delicate and can oxidize when exposed to light and oxygen. Oxidized fats can damage your dog's cell membranes and are a major cause of free radical formation. The dropper will allow oxygen to get into the product, so it’s important to keep the lid on. Oxygen can also leach through plastic, which is why Safe-Sea comes in a glass bottle, as all marine oils should.  

How long does Safe-Sea last and how do I store it properly?

We recommend storing in the refrigerator and using it within 60 days after opening.

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