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Raw Sheep Milk

Awesome treat for your pup. The large amount of magnesium that sheep milk contains helps to reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation NATURALLY. It becomes a natural for car trips, separation anxiety, excessive barking, trips to the vet, or a thunder phobic dog.

Sheep's milk contains twice the fat of cow's milk, including Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Its fat globules are small, making them easier to digest, so it's a fabulous choice for pets.  Perfect for a sensitive tummy and a must for lactose intolerant pets. It also promotes a healthy gut. 

  1. Awesome GI Support and Healthy Immune System is full of vitamins and minerals. If you have a sensitive eater, sheep milk will help soothe the digestive tract.

  2. Bye Bye Picky Eater: if you have a picky eater, he will love the taste of sheep milk.

  3. Added Hydration when you add to raw or dry food: sheep milk is great for hydration!  

  4. Help For Itchy Flaky Skin: you can use sheep milk as a natural approach for some environmental allergies. 

We recommend giving 1 oz per 20 pounds body weight for the BEST results. Add the raw sheep milk to your pups meal, or let him drink it out of a bowl. You can add a bit more if your pet has gut or anxiety issues.  

For SMALL breed dogs we suggest defrosting the milk, then adding portions into an ice cube tray for future use.  It is safe to defrost and freeze again. 

FREE of growth hormones and antibiotics. We source locally in the midwest from family farm.

Ingredients:  Raw sheep milk

Net Weight 20 oz