Liver/Kidney Clean



Liver/Kidney Clean is like spring cleaning for your dog's most important organs.

Every day, dogs are exposed to toxins in their food, water and environment. This toxic "waste" includes lead and heavy metals, glyphosate and other pesticides, as well as fluoride, PCBs, plastics and other common chemicals. 

The liver and kidneys break these toxins down and help exit them from the body. But, over time, they can be impacted by the toxins and start to decline. This puts not just the liver and kidneys at risk, but all of your dog's organs. 

Product Info


Liver/Kidney Clean contains a proprietary blend of organic mushroom extracts. This blend contains:


Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract - Contains polysaccharides that can support the liver and kidney when exposed to heavy metals and toxins. 



Organic Maitake Mushroom Extract - Supports healthy waste elimination and liver health. 



Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract - Scavenges and fights free radicals. 



Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract - Enhances liver function. 



Organic Broccoli Sprouts - a rich and natural source of sulforaphane, which activates Phase II liver detoxification in dogs exposed to environmental toxins. 



Organic Milk Thistle Seed - contains the compound silymarin, which supports healthy liver and kidney function.


Organic Burdock Root - a natural diuretic that helps clean the kidneys and liver.


Organic Yellow Dock Root - gently cleanses the liver, spleen and kidneys.


Organic Dandelion Root - a kidney tonic that helps the kidneys filter everyday toxins and maintains healthy liver function.

Organic Marshmallow Root Extract - Helps cleanse the kidneys and bladder and supports the mucous membrane of the kidney and digestive tract.

Natural Curcumin - Can improve lipid metabolism in the kidneys and help produce enzymes that help break down toxins in the liver.

Supports the liver & kidney from exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins. 

Give orally twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-30 lbs 1/8 tsp daily

 120 day supply

31-60 lbs

1/4 tsp daily

60 day supply

61-100 lbs 1/2 tsp daily

30 day supply

101+ lbs 3/4 tsp daily

22 day supply

Net Contents: 1.4oz (39.9 g)